About Beauty & Laser academy

Committed To Helping You Magnify The Beauty That Already Exists

Welcome to the Beauty & Laser Academy, where we specialize in professional training and skills development within the constantly evolving Beauty & Cosmetology Sector.

With a variety of courses stemming from full time, part time and modular training, rest assured the Beauty & Laser Academy will have the perfect course tailored to your satisfaction, budget, and needs – without compromising our high standard of education and facilitation.

To ensure our courses are not only unique and diverse, but also educational, enjoyable and informative, we have an exceptional team at hand – boasting 20 years of industry knowledge and experience to help you reach unprecedented heights.

True Beauty Is Below The Surface: What Motivates Us

Dedicated to Student Success & Satisfaction

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Dedicated to Student Success & Satisfaction

Our students are the heart and soul of our Academy family – and we want the best for our family. We have created a safe, dynamic and exciting learning environment for our students, intended for optimal student success and satisfaction.

Our dedicated lecturers and facilitators are here to offer their theoretical expertise as well as the practical and real life knowledge required to be a thriving beauty therapist and to run and operate a lucrative and successful business.

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Committed to the Highest Standards of Education

We offer a formidable array of courses which are formulated and presented with student learning and course outcomes in mind.

Our prestigious qualifications are accredited by Services SETA and upholding the esteemed standards and caliber of education set out by the Services SETA body, is an integral part of our academy and its education system.

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Devoted to Empowerment and Personal Growth

Our country is plagued by many challenges but two stand out in particular to our team at the Beauty & Laser Academy: unemployment and gender based violence, prevalent typically against women.

All our students, whether they form a part of the vigorous youth or have been recipients of abuse, have the ability to revolutionize this industry – and our country- for the better. And so it is our aspiration to equip them the skills and knowledge to do just this. We promote entrepreneurship and female-empowerment to allow our students to take control of their lives and prosper in every

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Professionalism and Integrity

Our happy clients, prime reputation and clear focus on our Academy’s aspirations, are all emanate of our strong adherence to strict moral and ethical principles and a strict professional code. 

We work to imprint these principles in our students so that they can go into the world and conduct themselves in a virtuous manner that is befitting of a Beauty & Laser Academy graduate.


Dear Prospective Students,

Welcome to Beauty & Laser Academy

We believe that the job of a beauty therapist is to enhance the beauty that already exists within. Therapists are there to offer an understanding ear whilst performing a manicure on a client or make an anxious bride feel like a princess.

It is our responsibility to inspire and uplift you by teaching you the skills to bring out not only the best in your clients, but also that which will assist you in forming the foundation for a rewarding and successful career in Beauty.

Education is a fundamental part of every learning institute but at Beauty & Laser Academy we focus equally on your emotional intelligence and wellbeing. We believe you build your business with your hands and win your clients with your hearts. We are here to offer you both the training and support to achieve this.  

Accompanied with your enthusiasm, determination and talent, there truly is no better place to start or enhance your career in Beauty.

Yours in Beauty