Positive Self-Esteem and Resiliency

R 300.00

Campus: Boksburg

Duration: 1 Days

SETA Unit Standard: US14063

NQF Level: Level 3



The “Positive Self-Esteem and Resiliency” course is designed to help individuals develop the skills and strategies needed to improve their self-esteem and resiliency. During this 1-day course, participants will learn practical techniques to manage stress, build confidence, and enhance their overall well-being.


Topics covered in the course include the importance of self-esteem and resiliency, how to recognize and challenge negative self-talk, techniques for managing stress and anxiety, and strategies for building self-confidence. Participants will also learn how to develop positive habits and behaviors that support their overall well-being.


Throughout the course, participants will engage in practical activities to develop their skills and receive feedback on their performance. Upon completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge and skills to effectively apply self-management techniques to enhance their self-esteem and resiliency.